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What The Hype Is All About

Chico, Member

When I think about what drives me to continue with my fitness goals and remain disciplined, I owe it to the RX FIT community. With RX FIT, the motivation and support I've received over the last 5 years, from both coaches and members, has allowed me to grow and learn to comfortably push my physical limits so the changes I experience are always positive. 

Jane, Member

Coach Mike's positive energy, expert coaching, and hard core, yet fun workouts are like no other. He has taught us how to embrace a healthy and strong lifestyle which is always the focus of his classes. Truly the best and the only way to start your day!

JJ, Member

RX FIT offers great workouts with lots of variety, so you don't get bored. The atmosphere is super supportive and encouraging. Mike has created a safe atmosphere to evolve into your best self!

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