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Fitness Services We Offer

Movement to build a sustainable, well-rounded, healthy life.


Using science-based methods, along with more than a decade of experience in both the clinical and recreational setting, we simply program and teach clients what WORKS. No fads, no trends; we teach and apply the foundational skills to help you achieve your goals. You're just steps away from joining a family of supportive individuals who will help you level up in every aspect of your life.

Nutrition Services We Offer

Eating to build a sustainable, well-rounded, healthy life.

Recovery Services We Offer

Rest to build a sustainable, well-rounded, healthy life.


Fitness paired with the right recovery not only helps your body recover, it also helps you live longer, feeling your best. After a tough workout, spend some time recovering with our state-of-the-art equipment, such as:  

  • Compression Sleeves for legs/hips/arms

  • Red Light Therapy 

  • Infrared Sauna (solo or with a friend)

* Single sessions, packages, and memberships are available to both current clients and the public!



Looking to form healthier eating habits and let go of behaviors that are no longer serving you? You have come to the right place. Our in-house Health Coach, Megan Pedone is here to support you on your journey toward letting go of habits that no longer serve you. With an extensive background in Functional Nutrition and healthy food options, Megan will be guiding you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

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